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KORE Customer Success Stories

"Even in today's tight credit market, KORE's team was able to secure an increase in bank and surety support that allowed me to bid and win my largest contract to date. KORE understands what a successful construction firm needs to stay profitable and gives me real-world solutions that fit my specific needs."

- Owner, NY/NJ/PA General Contractor

KORE's individually-tailored approach to the financial, operational, and strategic concerns of contractors has helped many construction companies like yours to maximize profitability, overcome challenging circumstances, and become poised to achieve their growth objectives.

About KORE: History & Mission

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Founded in 2004, KORE is the clear leader in consulting and financial services dedicated exclusively to construction contractors. Our resources and support capacities encompass the full range of disciplines needed to enhance relationships with bankers, sureties and other creditors, mitigate risk and achieve continuity and business perpetuation.

Since inception, KORE has successfully placed tens of millions of dollars in credit for growing construction firms across America. KORE's team of experienced consultants and advisors provides a disciplined framework for the development and execution of a strategic plan, enabling contractors to achieve profitable growth and long-term sustainability. This means we don't just tell you what to do, but we help you execute a well-designed strategy to meet the challenges and ever-changing dynamics of your industry and achieve your business goals.

Through our unique methodology, which draws upon the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, KORE reduces the learning curve for operational development and accelerates healthy growth. That is, we apply the best practices in the industry to your company's particular needs and set you up to get better and better. By provided our clients with unrivaled support on the business side, we enable contractors to focus on delivering what they do best to their customers.

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