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KORE Customer Success Stories

"Even in today's tight credit market, KORE's team was able to secure an increase in bank and surety support that allowed me to bid and win my largest contract to date. KORE understands what a successful construction firm needs to stay profitable and gives me real-world solutions that fit my specific needs."

- Owner, NY/NJ/PA General Contractor

KORE's individually-tailored approach to the financial, operational, and strategic concerns of contractors has helped many construction companies like yours to maximize profitability, overcome challenging circumstances, and become poised to achieve their growth objectives.

KORE Financial Services

Strength in Numbers

KORE believes that a fiscally-fit contractor benefits everyone, including the financial partners they rely on to sustain their businesses. We have forged strong alliances with key creditors based on our impeccable reputation for comprehensive industry knowledge, solid recommendations and a commitment to performing the highest standards of due diligence in all risks.

We leverage these relationships to provide:

  • - KORE Secured Project Accounts (KSPA)
  • - Funds Control
  • - Collateral Management
  • - Facilitation, Management and Coordination of Banking, Surety, Financing and Equipment Credit
  • - Bridge Financing
  • - Facilitation of Insurance and Surety Premium Financing